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NanobacTX is a patented non-prescription oral nanobiotic compound shown in published cardiology studies to help improve cardiovascular health and lipid profiles. Our published IRB-Monitored, peer-reviewed cardiology clinical trial results show that NanobacTX helps improve vascular health, heart health and increases exercise ability. NanobacTX can help improve cardiovascular function, coronary blood flow and vascular flexibility.
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UROBAC is a patented, non-prescription, oral nanobiotic compound shown in published clinical trials to affect Nanobacteria (CNPs) and help improve urological & genital system health. Urobac is designed to help support and improve the urogenital system.
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NanoBiotech Pharma is a Pioneering and Innovative Research-based Life Science Company that develops revolutionary products for unmet health needs. Our goal is to provide for long-term health through innovation in the areas related to specific conditions and help the body deal with specific areas of health maintenance. Research shows that our novel regenerative approaches are uniquely effective.

We are dedicated to our discoveries and development of pioneering compounds for Cardiology, Urology, Neurology, pathological calcification, inflammation and other areas. Our published pre-clinical science and clinical research is well-established. We now conduct our research collaboratively at major institutions.

Our flagship nanobiotic product NanobacTX is designed to structurally address cardiovascular health and functionally improve heart health status. NanobacTX is a Patented non-prescription compound shown in published clinical trials by cardiologists and radiologists to regress soft and calcified plaque volume as measured by decreased Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) scores, improve lipid profiles and to increase exercise tolerance. Objective structural and functional measurement parameters are markedly improving toward more youthful heart health.

NanobacTX and Urobac are ethically-promoted, globally-patented, non-prescription nutraceuticals and are available for purchase on this website as well as from participating physicians and pharmacies. NanobacTX & Urobac are manufactured according to and meet or exceed all FDA Certified cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards.