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NanobacTX is a patented non-prescription all-oral nanobiotic compound shown in published
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NanobacTX is a patented non-prescription all-oral nanobiotic compound shown in published cardiology studies to reverse arteriosclerosis, calcified coronary artery disease plaque volume and heart disease symptoms.
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UROBAC is a patented non-prescription nutraceutical compound designed to eradicate CNPs (Calcifying NanoParticles, aka Nanobacteria) infection in the kidneys, urogenital system & prostate.
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NanoBiotech Pharma is a Pioneering, Innovative and Revolutionary Life Science Company that develops products for unmet medical needs. Our goal is to reverse/cure key chronic degenerative diseases previously considered as idiopathic or incurable. Our research shows that our novel regenerative approaches are uniquely effective.

We are dedicated to our discoveries and development of novel compounds for Cardiology, Urology, Neurodegenerative Disease, Inflammation, Pathological Calcification and Cancers. Our pre-clinical science and clinical research is published and well-established. Our scientists now conduct research collaboratively at major institutions.

Our flagship product NanobacTX is designed to reverse Heart Disease atherosclerotic Coronary Artery plaque. NanobacTX is a Patented non-prescription therapeutic shown in published clinical trials by cardiologists and radiologists to regress Coronary Artery Disease plaque volume as measured by decreased Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) scores, to stop Angina chest pain and to improve exercise tolerance.

Our latest Research and Development is in Alzheimer's Disease. 98% of all diagnoses of Alzheimer's is wrong and is actually Vascular Dementia caused by atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can be reversed. Confirmatory clinical trials are planned.

NanobacTX and Urobac are globally-patented non-prescription nutraceuticals. They are available for purchase on this website as well as from participating physicians, pharmacies and select health providers. Get started and feel better!