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NanobacTX is a patented non-prescription all-oral nanobiotic compound shown in published
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NanobacTX is a patented non-prescription all-oral nanobiotic compound shown in published cardiology studies to reverse arteriosclerosis, calcified coronary artery disease plaque volume and heart disease symptoms.
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UROBAC is a patented non-prescription nutraceutical compound designed to eradicate CNPs (Calcifying NanoParticles, aka Nanobacteria) infection in the kidneys, urogenital system & prostate.
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The #1 cause of death is Heart Disease. Heart Disease = Coronary Artery Disease = Atherosclerosis of the heart's own blood vessels. Heart Disease develops slowly, beginning in childhood and is normally present and detectable in teenage years as coronary artery plaque. At some point during the slow progression of heart disease plaque buildup, we develop symptoms and are told that we have "Heart Disease". Research for the past 15 years has established that infection by Nanobacteria (also referred to as CNPs or NPs) is the principal cause of the calcified plaque found in coronary artery disease and elsewhere in the body as atherosclerosis or pathological calcification. CNP infection is treatable and it's effects are largely reversible. In the absence of coronary artery plaque (heart disease), the probability of suffering a heart attack is greatly diminished and living a healthier life is enhanced! Re-Imagine your concept of aging without the life-threatening problems of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

CNPs also cause pathological (disease-related/abnormal) calcification, amyloid soft plaque deposition and inflammation elsewhere in the kidneys, prostate, urogenital system and brain. Besides calcification, CNPs also directly cause biofilm and inflammation. CNPs are also the cause of calcified amyloid plaque in vascular dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, heart valves, skin and the calcification of kidney stones & gallstones. They're also involved in dental plaque & dental pulp stones, BPH, testicle and prostate stones, chronic prostatitis, ovary & breast calcification, interstitial cystitis, salivary stones, brain sand, pituitary and pineal stones, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, arthritis, cancer calcifications and can certainly cause calcification wherever blood flows.....

Our patented non-prescription Nanobiotics: NanobacTX & Urobac are the only therapies shown in published clinical studies to eradicate CNP infections and eliminate the associated pathological calcification and inflammation. Our nanobiotics are available here on this website or through one of our participating physicians.